Mag Project #2

EVIL -08/04/07

Well this is how the new mag looks as of today!!! same noid as the Ion Mag i did from the previous project and again i used a T-Board. This mag uses a 05 Ego frame and a T-Board for that particular frame so no electronics to modify for this project. I just purchased this mag from ClassicMagger on AO for a steal! its so fricken light and the EP parts didn't add very much to it. Got a ULT on the way for it, ease up the pressure needed to trip the sear. Here are some pics:

Just need to clean the frame up a bit and re-ano it.

EVIL -07/30/07

Well, today the new red mag came in. Red ULE body, Red Thrasher rail, X valve, Red intelli frame, ALL BRAND NEW!

It will be the next electro pneumatic marker we'll be making.


Updated: 11/13/2007